Online Panel

Our experience and capability in providing fast, accurate and cost-effective online sample services for its clients globally. We have made strategic tie up with all major online panel companies to provide quality sample at very competitive price. We combine the consistency of quality and smooth process with the leverage of knowledge on local markets and local habits which a local agency can provide. We provide access to fast and easy gateway for data collection projects in more than 40 countries operated by local data collection experts.

Our aim is to make sure that all the quality & pricing parameters required by our clients are met in their committed time frame. We team members can operate on an international level both as a supplier as well as buyer – faster, cheaper, and more efficient, for its clients. We offer our clients a one stop solution for international projects.

Types of online panel:

Consumer panel :

With the concept of panel bending, we have the ability to provide national representative sample, as well as low incidence respondents across 40 countries. We are confident in meeting our deadline with efficient utilization of multiple resources, and our prime focus is always the sample quality with the application of best technology in online sample sphere.

a) Travel Panel
b) Mobile Panel
c) Teens Panel
d) Moms Panel
e) Shoppers Panel
f) Gamers Panel

g) Entertainment Panel
h) Pet Owners Panel
i) High Net Worth Panel
j) Automobile Panel
k) Household Technology Panel
l) Green Panel

B2B panel:

We have the access of a hundred thousands of global B2B Panellists’. Whether you’re looking to conduct B2B research on IT professionals, marketing professionals, C-level executives, software developers, or business owners, we’ll provide you with the expertise you need to source these hard to reach populations. We have the expertise to conduct surveys on the following target groups:

a) IT Decision Makers
b) Business Decision Makers
c) Software Developers
d) Workers
e) Sall Business Owners etc.

Countries that we cover: